Reward points

Emporium offers a reward program for customer loyalty. Through the reward program there are various ways you can earn rewards points ("Points") to apply at checkout for discounts off products.


Point Conversion

Earned Points are turned into promotional redemption discounts at a rate of 100 Points equivalent to $1.00 United States dollars.



Customers will earn Points after every order that is completed. Each product has a specific amount of Points that will be awarded. The amount potential Points to earn is listed on each product page.

When placing an order, you will be notified on how many Points will be earned. A banner will appear similar to the one above when you are checking out.

Apply Discounts

At the checkout page, you will have the option to apply Points to the subtotal price and it will automatically apply discounts to your shopping cart.

View how discounts are applied in detail


To participate and receive Points in connection with the Rewards, you must first create an account. Upon account creation you will be awarded 100 points and you can verify this by checking your Point balance by going to Account > Points

To read more about the various ways you can earn Points please visit the page below;

Reward Rankings

All members and their historical Point total will be ranked within each other. The member with the most Points in a month is rewarded additional Points.

Top 3 users all time

Reward Levels

Based on how many Points earned historically, users will be placed into certain reward levels that provide additional promotions and benefits.

Reward Level Gifts

Once a reward level is achieved it will unlock the ability to apply full discounts to our rewards gift shop allowing users to purchase items completely FREE except for shipping cost.

For example, the Bronze level will be unlocked for the user once a total of 500 points have been earned. The user can now visit the gift shop and reduce any product that is $5 USD or less to be free by applying 500 points. Diamond can do the same but for any product $40 USD or less with 4000 points.

Point Limitations

There is no limit on the amount of points you can earn, but there is a per-product limit of how many points can be applied. When applying points at checkout, each product has a maximum amount of points that can be applied. 

For example, the product below (Gildan 5000) will earn 700 points on next order when purchased, and 700 points is also the cap of how many points can be applied to the product; so the product retail price $21.99 and the sale price of $18.99 can be as low as $11.99 if all 700 points are applied for a discount.