Leaving Reviews

  • Leaving a review is one of the ways to earn points 1 review is equivalent to 5 points.
  • You can leave a review for each product/design you like and earn points at the same time.
  • Your review will be processed and posted upon verification (This is to eliminate reviews that are offensive).
  • You can leave a review to appreciate the creator’s design and to help the business improve.
  • You can leave a review as many as you like and use them as a discount voucher upon purchase (Note that some products are capped to a certain limit)

4 thoughts on “Leaving Reviews

  1. NarinderSingh1 says:

    All products are extremely good.

  2. SakuraOshiro says:

    Otimos produtos.

  3. kingx1 says:

    awesome products

  4. Sensechief says:

    Amazing products

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